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“Person of Pinterest”














I was suprised to find out yesterday through a friend, that I was in the SMH as a ‘person of pinterest’. I had a look online, and it was an article about Melbourne graphic designer Beci Orpin and how she uses Pinterest moodboards to successfully communicate ideas to her clients. At the bottom of the article was a short list of people to follow, and who should be on it, but me! My good friend Jen Bishop was on it too for Interiors Addict. Needless to say I was very chuffed! Check out the article here. Follow my boards here.

Typography Poster using Fibonacci sequence

Here is a poster I put together for a typography project at Orita Sinclair school of Design in Singapore. Using the Fibonacci Sequence we had to use text supplied to come up with a poster that uses text sizes relative to the sequence. It’s a great tip when using type, as the sequence provides balanced text, and it is apparently more pleasing  to the eye. The Fibonacci sequence  is linked closely with the golden Ratio, and found a lot in nature, but for text we use the numbers 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,144 … Then we find a common theme with the size of text we have chosen to start with, and using it to scale up or down according to the numbers in the sequence. A nice handy little tip I will take away.

Graphics Alive 2















Awesome book I picked up in London at my favourite shop, Urban Outfitters. The quirky book slip has eyes cut out, and underneath a bright orangey fabric covered book. I had to pick it up!  Inside is filled with all sorts of creative  graphics being used over 3D objects from designers around the world. Definitely a must for anyone needing to be inspired. It goes further than just printing to paper or flat surfaces, they definitely come alive! haha. Love it.

Printing designs to T-shirts with Spreadshirt

I printed a few shirts recently through Spreadshirt. They were super easy to use, and I could easily upload my image and place it where I liked on the shirt with a preview of how it would look. There were a large range of shirts/tops to choose from as well as other items to print onto. It was cheap and quick to ship too, which is also a bonus.Definitely check them out if you need good quality shirts printed quickly.