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I was suprised to find out yesterday through a friend, that I was in the SMH as a ‘person of pinterest’. I had a look online, and it was an article about Melbourne graphic designer Beci Orpin and how she uses Pinterest moodboards to successfully communicate ideas to her clients. At the bottom of the article was a short list of people to follow, and who should be on it, but me! My good friend Jen Bishop was on it too for Interiors Addict. Needless to say I was very chuffed! Check out the article here. Follow my boards here.

Project: Old dining room table revamp!

My latest project: An old table purchased from the awesome Mitchell Road Auctions. We sanded it down, varnished the top and re-painted the legs with a black matt paint. I’m so happy with the way it turned out, our first DIY project and we succeeded!  I love the shape of the legs, they add that little bit of character.  It looks awesome with the second hand chairs we bought in Zurich. Love it!

T-shirts into cushion covers

My latest experiment for my little company Milly Thinks I’m Rad  is cushion covers made from T-shirts and other second hand clothing. I have used a cotton backing, either black or white. See what you think!

Typography Poster using Fibonacci sequence

Here is a poster I put together for a typography project at Orita Sinclair school of Design in Singapore. Using the Fibonacci Sequence we had to use text supplied to come up with a poster that uses text sizes relative to the sequence. It’s a great tip when using type, as the sequence provides balanced text, and it is apparently more pleasing  to the eye. The Fibonacci sequence  is linked closely with the golden Ratio, and found a lot in nature, but for text we use the numbers 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,144 … Then we find a common theme with the size of text we have chosen to start with, and using it to scale up or down according to the numbers in the sequence. A nice handy little tip I will take away.

Print making at NAFA, Singapore

This past two weeks I’ve been working on a lino cut at NAFA. The idea was to use 3 or 4 different colours and print them using the same lino by cutting out parts as you go and re-inking up. We first had to create a board to hold the lino in place and line up the paper each time we press. We attached four sheets onto each side with tape, so that they fold in. We did four so if we could have a few as back up, and try some different things, as once you cut the next part of your lino, there is no going back! I used a photo as an idea of a print, and drew up the shapes with permanent marker onto the lino, I wanted to figure it out first..it was tricky figuring out what to cut first and what colours to print. You cut out white parts first, and then ink it up with the lightest colour (yellow for me). Then you wash the lino, and cut out the parts you want to remain that colour (yellow). Then you do it all again with the next colour. After a while I got the hang of it.. Going to do a second one now I think.

Woodcutting at NAFA, Singapore

My next lesson at Nafa was working more on the woodcut, and trying different printing options. Once we’ve printed it once, we can see where we need to cut into further or define more. I needed to make the lines connect more and to cut out the sky a bit more so the difference in textures could be easily seen. After a few goes, April our awesome teacher showed a few colour options. One was to paint with a brush directly onto the woodcut, into the grooves of the more cut out areas, and then to remove the excess ink off the top with paper. We then inked up the rest of the woodcut with black as per the usual and ran it through the press. I did a blue sky with mine and orange letters on the ‘LIDO’. The other colour option was to ink up a panel and press it onto paper, and then to ink up our woodcut into black and line it up and run it over the top of the colour. Mine was a bright orangey red,  I think it looks like a killer sunset. All in all a cool class, I’m definitely learning a lot here.

NAFA – Printmaking course in Singapore

I’ve been attending Nanyang School of Fine Arts or NAFA in Singapore, doing a printmaking certificate. It’s an introduction to all types of printing and it runs one night a week, for 10 weeks. So far we’ve been introduced to all sorts of inking methods using water based inks on plastic sheets. We have been inking up the plastic and then removing with pencil, cotton buds, or using different textures like leaves and gause, and printing through, painting over again and printing over and over again to get different results.  Now we’re onto a woodcut print, which I’m creating from a photo I took in Italy. We’ll see how it inks up this week!


Orita Sinclair

I’ve started a typography short course at Orita Sinclair School of design while I’m here in Singapore. Its a cool funky little specialised art school nestled into a little neighborhood surrounded by restaurants and bars. It hasn’t been around too long, but is producing some awesome talent in music and the arts. I’m looking forward to getting stuck into the course each week, the tutor has a very relaxed approach, and an impressive portfolio! Check out their site here

Zurich painting #2 finished

The painting I was working on here in Zurich is finally finished. I’ve posted up a sequence of shots to show the way it has been stenciled. I used newspapers and old tickets from journeys here in Switzerland as a collage to work over. Then I used a few verbs from German I remember ( I don’t remember too much, bit of a shocker). It sums up Zurich life here for us in a quirky way I think. Translation: I sleep, you travel. I paint, you work. We meet, we eat, we love, we travel. Cheesy, but when you’re on beginner German, you don’t learn much past the basics! I’m shipping it back to Australia to hang on our wall and remind us of our time here in Switzerland. Love it.

Graphics Alive 2















Awesome book I picked up in London at my favourite shop, Urban Outfitters. The quirky book slip has eyes cut out, and underneath a bright orangey fabric covered book. I had to pick it up!  Inside is filled with all sorts of creative  graphics being used over 3D objects from designers around the world. Definitely a must for anyone needing to be inspired. It goes further than just printing to paper or flat surfaces, they definitely come alive! haha. Love it.