A play around with ideas for my next project

My next art project is using Swiss newspapers and the same bright red/orange paint I used for my toaster painting. I’m going to use rollers to paint and stencils of shapes and text. Not sure what it will say yet..but this was a play to get an idea what I can do with the paint and stencils on newsprint, before getting onto my big masterpiece.

and my favourite colour is…








I was unpacking and look what happened. I think it’s safe to say I love any colour that is close to coral or red.. anything in that family really. Love it.

Printing designs to T-shirts with Spreadshirt

I printed a few shirts recently through Spreadshirt. They were super easy to use, and I could easily upload my image and place it where I liked on the shirt with a preview of how it would look. There were a large range of shirts/tops to choose from as well as other items to print onto. It was cheap and quick to ship too, which is also a bonus.Definitely check them out if you need good quality shirts printed quickly.

The greenhouse

Love the idea of this pop-up restaurant in circular quay. They grow their own vegetables and herbs on the roof and walls of the restaurant and then use jars for cups and other recycled materials around the restaurant. I also loved the cool motif painted on the wall of the butterflies. Definitely check it out before it disappears.





Your vote to help Japan

This is my Threadless design idea for a shirt. It is based on the concept of providing aid for Japan after the recent earthquake devastation.

I wanted to help in some way and thought I’d use design. If this T-shirt is printed, I will donate the prize money of $2000 to an appropriate aid organisation where it will reach those in need. Please vote if you can, it only takes a few minutes. I really hope you all like it.